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Essential Pieces of Protective Gear for Street Riding

street bike motorcycle protective gear

You’re an experienced biker, so you see plenty of roads and lots of other motorcycle riders. Do you ever spot other people on their bikes wearing absolutely no protective equipment? It probably makes you want to scream at the person. Don’t be the biker who takes no regard for their safety or well-being. Anytime you fire up the engine and cruise away to the next destination, make sure you have all the best protective gear for street riding. These products can literally save your life or keep you from suffering terrible injuries. You shouldn’t let concerns of style comfort get in your way, either. There are plenty of items you can purchase that look nice and feel great, all while looking out for you.

Never Forget the Head & Neck

Whether you’re street riding, heading on the highway or even going at a moderate speed in everyday traffic, a helmet is a must. In many states, it’s illegal to ride without one anyway. Head injuries are among the most common that bikers suffer. A blow to your head while riding your motorcycle could be fatal, even if you’re riding at a low speed. Every motorcycle owner should pay attention to these features when buying a helmet:

  • Secure chin strap. The last thing you want is for your helmet to fly off.
  • Thick liner. Some people don’t realize that the liner is instrumental in absorbing the force of a collision. Make sure the liner is at least an inch thick.
  • Heavy enough. Your helmet should way at least 3 pounds to provide maximum protection.
  • Comfortable components such as vents and face shields. 

For Your Chest and Back

You may think a heavy jacket or thick coat will do a good job of protecting you in a crash. While these options are certainly better than a simple T-shirt, they won’t be enough to save your skin (literally and figuratively) if you crash and hit the asphalt. Tough, durable armor has a much better shot of standing up to collisions and spills. Your chest and back protect many of the body’s most crucial organs. Injuries to these areas could leave you with life-altering injuries or even take your life. Consider riding with chest and back protection. You can find heavy-duty vests complete with strong armor to withstand heavy impacts. This gear doesn’t have to bulky and clumsy. You don’t want to ride in something that restricts your movement or cuts off circulation. The best products fit comfortably and securely. You should also choose something you know will breathe well. Even on cold days, heavy gear could cause you to sweat. Breathable chest and back vests will help you avoid irritation and discomfort. Best of all, you can have the peace of mind you need as you take your street bike out for the next ride.

Protective Jackets

For riders who are serious about getting motorcycle street protective gear, upper-body suits are a must. These work in a similar way as chest and back armor. Many of these suits have a built-in neck brace connector for riders who have pain or injuries in this area already. This product should also cover your shoulders well and help prevent injuries in case of a fall or collision. It’s easy to find stylish jackets in a variety of sizes and colors.

Watch out for Your Knees and Elbows

Your knees and elbows may be able to withstand contact with the ground if you slip and fall while walking or running. When you’re cruising on your street bike, it’s a whole different story. These areas may come in contact with the payment or another object first, so adequate protection is vital. Before you shop for individual products, you should be on the lookout for jackets with built-in elbow protection and pants that have the same safety features. Of course, if your gear doesn’t have these extra padding or armor, or if you want additional help, you can find quality gear. Elbow armor is available, and many products fit right inside your jacket. If you prefer, you can purchase padding and put it on the outside of your shirt or jacket. When you purchase knee pads, make sure they are resistant to abrasions and strong enough to absorb high impacts. The pads can either slip under your pants, or you can wear them on the outside, much like you’d see from a bicycle rider or skateboarder. The knee protection can not only help prevent cuts, but it can also guard against serious injuries to the knee tendons and ligaments.

Backside Help

You shouldn’t overlook your hips and rear when it comes to choosing the right protection. Thick pants can certainly help, but as an avid street rider, you should be prepared. A motorcycle accident is likely to rough up these areas, and you don’t want to deal with the pain that could cause. Along with wearing padded pants, consider picking up a pair of undershorts. This gear has molded padding around hips and vital parts. You won’t have to sacrifice safety for comfort, either. They fit well but still let you move around freely.


You wouldn’t want to leave these behind in cold weather, but gloves are a must for safety purposes. In a fall, your first reaction is to put out your hands for protection. This can help save you from serious injuries to other body parts. The problem is, you could shred your hands even in a moderate accident. Thick, durable gloves can spare you a lot of pain and discomfort in a collision. Plus, they’ll help you grip your handlebars better when the rain starts to fall.

Joe Rocket Super Moto Gloves

As a responsible rider, you understand that safety should be your first priority every time you’re on your motorcycle. For as much fun and as many thrills as you experience on your motorcycle, severe injuries could be a long-term damper on your enjoyment. Commit today to staying safe, conscientious rider. Choose the right motorcycle protective gear for street bikes before you head out on your next ride.


Don’t forget how important it is to protect your feet while riding. Pick up a pair of sport boots to provide the ultimate coverage for your toes, feet and ankles.

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