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Best Men’s Cruiser Jackets in 2021

Men's Cruiser Jacket Buying Guide

If you’re the type that likes to go the distance in the saddle, we feel you. We also know that you have specific needs when it comes to motorcycle attire. While those who feel the need for speed on the track ought to go with a one-piece suit, that’s really not the best choice for those who like to lean back on their hog and go lazy through an endless ribbon of road. You have specific needs. We’re here to cater to them.

If you’re looking for the best men’s cruiser jacket for long distance riding, there are many options on the market for you. We’ve outlined a few things that you should be looking for while perusing your options, and give a run down on the best cruiser jackets for 2021. 

The Style 

Again, one of the most important things to consider is the style of the jacket. If you are going to be spending hours on the bike, a jacket that allows a large range of motion will go a long way toward ensuring your comfort. Another thing that you’re going to want to look for is… pockets. Yes, one of the difficulties of riding long distances is that you don’t exactly have the same amount of storage space as you would in a cage.

To a certain extent the minimalist approach is freeing, but you’ll probably at least want a place to store your cell phone, wallet, and other necessities.

The Material

There are two main options for men’s cruiser jackets, and they are leather and textile. Both have a series of pros and cons.

Leather, of course, has that classic motorcycle appeal. If you think “motorcyclist,” you probably imagine somebody wearing a leather jacket. Leather is also an extremely protective material: in the event of a slide, a true leather motorcycle jacket will be able to take the abrasion better than most textile jackets. Cowhide and horsehide are the best options overall, but you can also find great leather jackets made from pig, calf, and kangaroo.

The main negatives to leather are the weight and the price. Leather motorcycle jackets can be rough when it is hot outside, as well, even if they have plenty of ventilation. They are heavy, and after several hours on the road this can contribute to fatigue. Plus, the majority of good leather jackets (not fashion motorcycle wear, fashion motorcycle wear will do nothing for you in an accident) are at last $300 and up, which can be a steep investment.

Textile, on the other hand, comes in a variety of styles and offer a very light experience. If you spend a lot of time motorcycling where it is hot, textile is probably the more comfortable choice, particularly if the coat is made from polyester mesh. They also have the advantage of being waterproof, while leather can be more finicky with this. Cleaning textile is often easier: you can usually just toss them in the washing machine.

However, the protection level of textile is a bit lower than leather, and many people aren’t as fond of the aesthetic.


Armor can be a bit of a controversial subject for motorcyclists, with some swearing up and down that it’s entirely necessary and others saying it’s not. We agree that the amount and variety of armor that you wear is a personal choice and a lot depends on your style of riding. Again, if you are tearing it up on the track, you’re going to want as much protection as possible.

But for a cruising style, comfort is also paramount. You may wish to consider an unarmored leather jacket, for instance, or a textile jacket with some armor at the elbows and back, as opposed to full sleeves.

Here They Are: The Best Motorcycle Jackets for Men This Year

Since there are so many personal factors that go into motorcycle jacket choice, we’ve outlined what we believe are the 10 best cruiser jackets for 2021, but in no particular order.

The Tourmaster Advanced Jackets. This jacket comes with several nice color options, and for the price it’s a great value. Not only will this jacket provide you with a great amount of protection, but also with a nice bit of storage: there’s a built-in fanny pack (we hear those are cool these days).

The Joe Rocket CBR Jacket comes with removable armor, so you can tailor the protection level to your liking. The 6 point fit custom adjustment system ensures a good fit (even after you’ve eaten a bit too much) no matter your body type. The zippers here are waterproof: a nice touch.

If you want something a bit more… flashy, the Icon Overlord SB2 Serpecant Jacket will have you standing out from the crowd. It’s got a sturdy textile chassis with flex zones to help encourage comfort.

If you’re more of a leather kind of guy, check out the Alpinestars Caliber Leather Jacket. This one offers the look of leather with accordion panels sewn in for extra stretch and comfort.

For another leather option, look no further than the Joe Rocket Sonic 2.0 Leather Jacket. It’s got a removable liner for some more temperature regulation than you’ll get with a lot of leather jackets.

The Fly Racing CoolPro Mesh Jacket offers a HYDRAGuard liner that is removable. When you’re wearing it, though, you’ll be thankful that it’s breathable: this one is a a must in hot, wet climates.

For those who like an understated style, the Z1R Gust Jacket delivers. The magnet-closed collar is a big selling point.

If you’re going to be spending the majority of your cruising time in hot climates, the Speed & Strength Midnight Express Mesh Jacket is a great choice. The mesh is extremely breathable, and there’s a wide variety of colors.

If you anticipate a lot of rain, the Joe Rocket Atomic 4.0 Jacket is a great choice with its waterproof zippers and Rock Tex shell.

For a final leather option, check out the Alpinestars Hoxton Leather Jacket V2. This one has fantastic traditional styling along with a rear bellow to increase comfort and wearability. No matter what your styles or needs are, make sure to purchase a motorcycle jacket soon, so you can be comfortable and safe while your cruise.

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  1. Tim says:

    The best coat I have ever had is a Vanson Model B, leather. Once it breaks in you will have 25 -30 years(if you keep your shape) of the best jacket you have ever worn. The Vanson Textile jackets with full chest vents aren’t to shabby for three seasons.

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