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Best Motorcycle Gear for Kids

kid's motocross gear

If you have a kid that is interested in motorcycles, getting them out on the road with you can be a great way to help them discover a shared passion for riding. Before you hit the road it is important to make sure your child is safe. If you are a responsible rider, it only makes sense to promote practices such as wearing all the proper gear from the start so you can help your kids to develop safe habits that will last for the rest of their lives.

Choosing youth protective gear can require different considerations, such as size, brand, and fit. While similar in function to any adult motorcycle gear, you should use extra care when buying items such as a helmet for your kids to ensure that you are getting gear that fits properly and will keep them as safe as possible.

Choosing the Right Helmet

While certainly not the only piece of protective gear you need, a good helmet is arguably the most important way to avoid serious injury in the event of a crash. Motorcycle helmets can come in a lot of different styles including full-face and half shell options. Generally, when shopping for a helmet for your child, full-face helmets should be the go-to option. Not only can they offer extensive protection to your kid’s whole head in the event of an accident but they can also help keep them safe from debris in the air.

Choosing a helmet style and brand can be the first step to take, but you also need to be sure that whichever option you decide on fits properly. So, How do you size a youth motorcycle helmet? When trying on a helmet remember that it should always fit snuggly, not wobbling or shifting around on your child’s head. If you find that kid’s helmet sizes are too small you may want to move up to smaller sizes of adult helmets.

Avoid trying to get by with a helmet that doesn’t fit properly. Not only can it fail to keep your child safe, but it may also be uncomfortable for them to wear while riding. A high quality, well-fitting helmet should be more than worth the money you spend on it.

Other Gear to Consider

Besides a helmet, there can be a lot of other safety gear to consider. While kid’s gear may need to be replaced as they grow out of it, it can still be a keepsake that they can keep for years to come. Choosing colors and styles that you kid will love to wear can make the process all the more fun, but it is important to remember that functionality should always come first.

In addition to a helmet, you should never overlook a good pair of motorcycle gloves. Be sure to purchase gloves that fit properly to improve both function and comfort. Gloves generally aren’t the most expensive part of your gear and finding good ones should be relatively easy.

Armored motorcycle outfits can be another consideration. This added layer of protection can substantially decrease the risk of injury to your kid should something go wrong, and it can be a cool-looking addition to their gear that they will likely love to wear.

A good pair of boots and pants can also be important as they will keep your child’s legs from getting beat up by flying debris, such as dirt and pebbles and protect them from pipes on your motorcycle which can easily burn an unprotected rider.

While you generally should try to find gear specifically made for motorcycling, boots and pants are one area where you can get by with choosing any thick, well-made materials even if they aren’t necessarily made for biking.

Shopping for Gear

How do you size youth motorcycle gear? If you get a chance, trying the gear on in person can be the most straightforward way to figure out which sizes fit securely and comfortably. Just because you want to try gear on doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the potential savings that can come from shopping online. Once you’ve identified which sizes work the best, you can proceed to shop around for the best options and the lowest prices available.

Photography by: Mykhaylo Pelin 

The question of What’s the best youth protective gear? can come down to a matter of finding gear that is a good price without sacrificing quality. While saving money is always a good thing, it isn’t worth sacrificing the functionality of something as important as safety gear. You should find that there are lots of reviews available for most brands of kids’ motorcycle gear. Research into different options can be a great way to narrow your search down to a few good choices. If you have a brand of gear that you personally like, you can do a quick search to see if they carry similar options in kid’s sizes. Reviews from people who have ordered and used the gear you’re interested in can offer more insight into how the product will work once it arrives. You should find that if you take your time finding what you need, you shouldn’t have any issues with it once it is purchased.

Staying Safe and Comfortable

Biking with your kids can be a great experience and a fun opportunity to bond and make memories together. Before you get too excited about hitting the road with your child, you should make sure that you are an experienced and confident enough rider to keep both you and your family members safe. No matter how skilled you are, a crash is always a possibility, which is why proper gear is a vital part of the experience that should never be overlooked. Rather than looking at it as a chore, consider shopping for gear for your child as another fun part of the process. You should find that kid-sized gear makes for a fun reminder of good times years down the road, and should something go wrong, your kid will have the most amount of protection possible. Start looking at different gear options today so you can start taking your kids out with you as soon as possible.

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