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Cheap Motorcycle Insurance

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I have seen an advertisement for motorcycle insurance for $75. Is that possible? What questions should I ask?

—Ronald J.

The cost of insurance and what is received for the investment is affected by multiple factors, including location, driver age, and record, model and age of bike, etc. It is possible to purchase motorcycle insurance for just $75, but that would likely only include liability coverage on newer bikes.

Liability coverage pays only for injury or property loss suffered by a person other than the policyholder. It is further limited by the dollar amount of coverage purchased. If another person’s loss exceeds the purchased policy limit, the policyholder is responsible to pay the difference.

Liability coverage does not include payment for medical bills if injured, or payment for the motorcycle if damaged through collision, fire, theft, weather, vandalism, etc. Payment for these loss types may be included through the addition of medical, collision, and comprehensive coverage.

What should be of greater concern than basic liability coverage is the total package being purchased. When comparing prices, look at the present insurance policy or renewal invoice. The declarations page will itemize exactly what coverages are included at various price points. Ask the agent or broker for detailed information if there are any coverage concerns or discrepancies.

Beyond the basic policy limit, an umbrella policy will increase the protection level to any amount selected. An umbrella policy is usually a good deal because the cost of higher coverage limits is typically less than the first-dollar primary coverage.

Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage are most important for motorcyclists. These provide rider and passenger with a source of compensation when an insufficiently insured driver injures them in a crash. Without that coverage, injured parties may be left without the resources to secure necessary medical treatment and cover other losses suffered in the crash.

It’s important to have enough insurance coverage to protect the policyholder. This is especially true for motorcyclists, who are more likely to be the victim of serious injury. Coverages can often be combined for a reduced rate on multiple bikes, as you cannot ride more than one bike at a time.

Harry Dietzler partner at Hill, Peterson, Carper, Bee, and Dietzler, PLLC. Submit questions at

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