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Full Face vs. Modular Helmets

modular vs. full face motorcycle helmets

There can be no question that a helmet is one of the most important parts of your safety gear and is an absolute must-have any time you hit the road. However, the question of what kind of helmet is best can be more of a divisive issue. There can be a huge variety of options available, and when shopping for a new helmet you’ll likely have a few questions. Two of the main styles of helmet available can be modular helmets and full-face helmets. It can sometimes be difficult to know which of these options is better, but both styles can come with strengths and weaknesses that may make one style a better fit for your needs than the other. The differences between full face helmets vs. modular helmets can be a great place to start in your search for an effective and comfortable new helmet.

Advantages of Full Face Helmets

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The ultimate piece of safety gear, a full-face helmet can be one of the best options for any serious rider. Built to keep you as safe as possible, full-face helmets can also be a cool looking item to wear and make you look like a pro on the road. While at first glance, they may look heavy and uncomfortable to wear, most high-quality full-face helmets are made to be as lightweight as possible while still protecting your face as well as the rest of your head.

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Most options are also built to give you a lot of ventilation, while still being constructed in a sturdy, continuous shape. Full face helmets can come with many advantages, including the ability to protect your eyes from the sun and keep debris out of your face while you’re on the road.

Advantages of Modular Helmets

A modular helmet is a sort of hybrid between a full-face and an open-face helmet that can offer you both the added protection of a full-face helmet and the ability to get more air cool off a bit. A modular helmet can look a lot like a full-face helmet at first glance, but the face portion of modular helmets is able to flip up. This can allow you to catch a breath of fresh air or hold a conversation when parked without having to completely remove your helmet. Modular helmets can be great for summertime use when flipping up the mask of your helmet might allow you to cool off a bit when you stop or for social riding when you want to chat between rides. It can be important to keep in mind that the mask is not meant to be worn open while you ride, so its practical uses can be somewhat limited. Modular helmets may also be less structurally sound than full-face helmets in the chin and face area, but in most cases, they should still give you a lot of protection in the event of a crash. To sum it up, modular helmets can be a cool looking option that gives you many similar safety features as a full-face helmet without being quite as stifling to wear.

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Other Options

While full-face and modular helmets may be two of the best options available, you’re likely well-aware that they’re not the only options. There are many styles of helmet you can find being commonly used on the road. Some other helmets you can look into can include:

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  • Half Helmets
  • Open Face Helmets
  • Dual Sport Helmets
  • Off-Road Helmets

You should find that there can be a wide array of designs, sizes, and prices available for all types of motorcycle helmets. Dual Sport and off-road options can look very similar to modular and full-face helmets, but they are specialized for different types of riding and may not be ideal for your needs.

Choosing the Right Helmet

One of the most important parts of making sure you get the right helmet to keep you safe is to identify what style of riding you do and chose a helmet that fits it. A serious question for any rider looking to buy a new helmet can be are modular or full face helmets safer? When it comes to safety, it can be hard to beat the all-around coverage offered by a full-face helmet. Since it is built in a single piece, full-face helmets can be less likely than modular helmets to break in a hard crash and can be the safer option in some cases. If you’re planning on doing any serious technical riding or going on a long-distance trip, a full-face option can be the best way to go. That being said, modular helmets can still offer a lot more protection than open-faced helmet options.

Once you’ve decided what style of helmet you want to buy you can start to think about other details such as size, design, and brand. Shopping online can allow you to compare a lot of different options from the convenience of your home. It is vital to keep in mind that in order for a helmet to keep you safe it needs to fit well. You should be willing to put in enough money to get an option that is high-quality and will get the job done right. Helmets can be one area where quality counts and saving money with an inferior option often isn’t worth the risk to your safety, however, you should still feel free to shop around to find the best deals on helmets that have good reviews and are well made.

Staying Safe on the Road

While the exact style of helmet you end up deciding to buy can come down to a matter of personal preference, there are a lot of traits that can set certain options apart from others. Considering modular vs. full face helmets can be a good way to determine which of the two will work better for your needs. While both options can be great helmet styles for both safety and comfort, you will likely find that it makes more sense for you to choose one over the other. Start browsing modular and full-face helmets today to find a helmet that looks great and fits well.

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