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MCN Holiday Gift Guide

Knox Urbane Pro

This innovative armored shirt keeps impact and abrasion resistance close to the rider’s body. It’s designed to be worn on its own in hot weather, or as a protective layer under any jacket. The fabric is abrasion, cut and tear resistant, it’s got stretch panels for comfort and flexibility, and specific sizing for men and women.

Racer High Racer Gloves

Alisa Clickenger high racer

These gauntlet gloves feature kangaroo leather palm and carbon fiber palm sliders, knuckle, finger, and wrist protectors. Venting in the fingers and wrists provide excellent air flow. Superior quality and fit make Racer my go-to brand of gloves. Available in men’s and women’s sizing.

MotoMice by Paul Owen Lewis

MotoMice is a story of family. We may be different in terms of who we are and what we ride, but at the core we are all the same. Adults will appreciate the generosity of spirit, as well as the small details incorporated in the drawings. Children will enjoy the story, whether their parents ride or not.

Brant Wiwi Domio

Domio’s audio driver is mounted outside the helmet’s shell, providing internal volume up to 100 decibels via vibration, with crisp highs and deep
bass. Without wiring, it’s easy to swap between multiple helmets and simple to operate the three buttons with gloves. Backed by 30-day money-back
guarantee and a 12-month warranty.
$149 audio, $199 with comm,


Cycolinks is a modern take on the popular moto chain, finished nicely with vibrant, crazy colors. Several thicknesses are offered, from “Gnarley” thicker, double-ringed bracelets (shown), down to a delicate 7mm width. They even offer women’s jewel-studded quartz watches. These bracelets can be customized to personal preference and sized appropriately for any manner of daintiness or manliness.

Kyzee Wireless Borescope

See around corners, look under the bike or inside your engine, without tearing it apart. There are infinite uses for a high-resolution borescope, to see where you couldn’t before.


Chamberlain Universal Mini Garage Door Remote (MC100-P2)

This little programmable remote replaces bulky remotes, or dismounting to punch in a garage code. It easily fits on a keyring and is readily programmed for the most common garage door openers. I use mine every day.

Handy S.A.M. 2 1,000 Pound Air Lift

This lift has a large 28-inch by 93-inch surface area, convenient drop panels for easy rear tire maintenance, and 1,000-pound load capacity. Accessory panels widen the platform for lawn tractors, quads and sleds.

Dave Searle – Radial Pump Master Cylinders

Even if your mount is older, you can add one of the most valuable innovations in motorcycling. Deliver a perfectly positive linear response to both brake and clutch commands— essential for maximum performance. Available from Nissin or Brembo for most bikes, from a variety of American suppliers, for a few hundred dollars each. For big savings, check the used market.

State of Fear by Michael Crichton

The best-selling tech-no-thriller, by one of America’s most scientifically adept storytellers. A team of unlikely allies race to stop a series of worldwide calamities committed by well-funded environmental terrorists. Chock full of real, thought-provoking information you need to know.
$10 in paperback at or

Ducati Desmodue/Desmotore Maintenance & Modification Guide

Long-time MCN contributor LT Snyder’s revised fourth edition compendium of step-by-step maintenance procedures, tips, special tools and recommended modifications for classic air-cooled, two-valve Ducatis. If you enjoy wrenching and saving big bucks, this richly illustrated, 290-page guide to perfecting

Fred Rau Santa Helmet Hat

Ho-Ho-Ho! What better accessory for all those upcoming toy runs and light rides? Securely straps onto any helmet. Superb quality and durability, hand-made in the USA. Buy them for your whole motorcycle club and be stylin’ in the holiday parade!


I own a dozen pair of these fabulous riding socks, which can last 10 years. High-tech ceramic fiber, anatomic design, built-in arch supports, air channels for circulation, great support for my neuropathy, and they never bunch up! Different styles for seasonal conditions. The perfect stocking stuffer! Unisex in sizes 5-13.

AMA Membership

The best defense of our riding rights is a united front through the American Motorcyclist Association, which fights for us in the courts and Congress. Membership includes a subscription to AMA magazine and dozens of motorcycle-related discounts. When signing up for automatic renewal, roadside assistance is also included on all of your vehicles.

Gregory Frazier Nolan N70-2X Crossover Helmet

I appreciate a modular helmet’s ability to put eyewear on first, and open the lid for airflow when moving slowly in heat. Off pavement, I enjoy the shade
of a peak visor. The Crossover allows six possible configurations, with a removable shield, peak and chin bar, doing the job of three helmets.

Klymit Static V2 Inflatable Sleeping Pad

It only takes 15 breaths to inflate and I do not slide off during sleep. Deflated it’s only 16.6 ounces and 3 by 8 inches. Designed in the USA, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

EVS Race Collar

A physical security item and protection from errors in motorcycle management. Easy on and off it fits comfortably under any helmet. The restricted airflow around the neck is good in the cold, less so in the heat, but a worthwhile trade-off.

Tracy Martin Motion Pro Digital Tire Gauge

The 0-60 psi (also BAR, KG-CM2 and kPa) digital display is backlit, protected by a rubber boot and easy-to-read in 0.1 psi increments (accurate to +/- 0.6 psi). A bleeder valve button in the billet aluminum body allows precise pressure adjustment. The 15-inch hose ends in a swivel air chuck. Runs on two AAA batteries with auto-off.

Motion Pro Pro Fill Air Chuck

The pivoting angled head reaches difficult valves, adds hand clearance and remains in the adjusted position during use. An O-ring and thrust washer provide a reliable airtight seal. Billet aluminum construction and a stainless-steel banjo pivot bolt provide durability. Female inlet is 0.25-inch NPT, common for air hose couplings, including the tire gauge above.

Yuasa 3 AMP Automatic Battery Charger & Maintainer (YUA3AMPCH)

Yuasa’s 3-amp, 12-volt charger features an OEM-approved, 5-stage charging algorithm that switches to automatic mode when fully charged. The three LED indicators show AC power, reverse polarity connection, defective battery (dead cell), 75% charge and full charge. The cable with alligator clips is 13-feet long and the charger can be wall-mounted. 5-year warranty.

Jeff Buchanan Hobo Hammock

This 2-pound, 9.8 by 6.6-foot double hammock provides a comfortable platform to stretch out your road-weary body. It packs down small, offers quick and easy set-up and tear-down, includes a lifetime warranty, hanging straps, free shipping, and every purchase provides a meal to the homeless.

ROK Straps

Ensure an easy, safe and stylish tie-down of gear. The solid flat rubber core and 100% polyester outer is strong, durable and attractive. Quality webbing and case-hardened hooks add reliability. Available in a range of colors, fixed or adjustable lengths, and rated up to 200 pounds each, depending on width.

Racer Soul Gloves

A comfortable, durable, unvented short glove that does not collect dust and keeps hands warm. Featuring cowhide leather palms and carbon fiber knuckle protection, the stretchy neoprene, rubber pull-on tab and single wrist closure makes for fast and easy donning. Available in black in 6 sizes SM-3XL

Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR Tires

I have been wildly impressed by these tires. The midsize knobs have an aggressive look, backed up by good traction in all but the muddiest off-road
conditions. There is impressive grip when leaned over enough to scrape the pegs on tarmac and the wet weather performance is very confidence inspiring.

Jeremy Willard Aerostich Combat Lite Boots

The thick leather construction takes a bit to break in, but once they do,
they are all-day comfortable on or off the bike. They provide a high level of protection, yet fit under jeans. They can also be resoled, so they may be the last pair of boots you’ll ever need.

Jim Stanley C.H. Hanson Round Pencil Pack with Pro-Sharp Sharpener

Chuck this tool in your favorite drill and sharpen pencils like a mechanic! It breaks a lot of leads, but it’s such a cool stocking stuffer, no one will ever care.

Pro Taper Tie Downs

Motorcycles are too precious to trust to cheap tie downs. These are big, beefy and have a swiveling carabiner-style hook. Most importantly, they never slip.
$35 per pair at

Ryobi 18V Cordless Tire Inflator

It fills any motorcycle tire in short order, even high pressure Nuetech Tubliss chambers. All Ryobi tools feature interchangeable batteries (since 1996). The only flaws are a sensitive trigger that fires unexpectedly, the built-in pressure gauge isn’t super accurate, and automotive tires still take a while to fill.
$25 (without battery)

Aerostich Gloves

Connecting sensitive hands to asphalt at any speed is unbelievably painful. A long recovery starts with emergency room techs scrubbing debris from shredded skin. Buy good gloves and wear them religiously. These elk skin gauntlets provide extra protection at the heel, and the left thumb has a visor squeegee for wet days.

Joe Michaud Aerostich Messenger Bag

It’s perfect for hauling gear on bikes with no storage. A sweater, sunglasses, phone, lunch, even a laptop is easily swallowed in one of four size choices. Keep any riding necessity covered. Don’t skip the accessory strap ($10).

Prison Blues Jeans

Most jeans are made overseas of thin denim. The sturdy Prison Blues work jeans are construct- ed from heavy 14.75-ounce denim, with a zip fly and riveted stress points, by inmates in the Eastern Oregon Correctional Institute. Workers are paid an in- dustry prevailing wage. Regular and plus sizing 28×29 to 60×38. $41-$48

Pro Taper Tie Downs

Motorcycles are too precious to trust to cheap tie downs. These are big, beefy and have a swiveling carabiner-style hook. Most importantly, they never slip. $35 per pair at

Hyperkewl Vest

A wet T-shirt lasts 15 minutes in the blistering Phoenix summer heat. The Hyperkewl evaporative cooling vest last- ed nearly two hours at 115 F and four hours at 105 F. Soak it thoroughly, as hose watering only cooled half as long. Variants include the CoolPax with a freezer pack, and HeatPax vest for colder climates. XS to 3XL $35 

Thirsty Rock Hydration Tank Bag

It’s important to stay hydrated when riding. The 3-liter bladder supplies good water flow, removes weight from the shoulders and heat from the back, and it can be used as a regular tank bag. Mounting via retractable reel straps or magnets. $199 

Ventz Rider Cooling System

Ventz is a great idea for keeping cool in warm weather, requiring less maneuvering to improve airflow. They hold open jacket cuffs with screened scoops, forcing air through the sleeves and around the arms and back. A clip mounts to the sleeve to help keep it in place. Available in 6 colors. $25 

Motion Pro Shock Spanner Punch

This bespoke tool is far superior to a flathead screwdriver for adjusting deeply recessed shock preload collars. It’s long, strong, slender and made to take repeated hammer blows. Its angled brass tip is more secure in the collar’s notch, won’t leave ugly scars and can be reshaped with a file. $17 


The Omni-Directional Suspension (ODS) technology is so effective at reducing rotational force and low-threshold energy transfer to the brain that I own both street and dirt motorcycle helmets, as well as full- and open-face mountain bike 6D helmets. Great comfort and effective ventilation also help make this a no-brainer. $745 

MotoJitsu by Greg Widma

Total Control instructor Greg Widmar is an effective advocate for lifelong learning. His YouTube channel has over 100K subscribers who follow his “Shut Up and Practice” mantra. Unlike many rid- ing skills books that teach specific techniques, this book provides specific exercises to practice in parking lots.  $10 

Omni-Cruise Throttle Lock

 It can be dangerous to take your hand off the throttle. This simple to install, adjust and use throttle lock is machined from billet and can be installed in 5 seconds. Great for multiple bikes. $50 

EarPeace M Motorsports Earplugs

Designed to impede wind and motor noise, while allowing emergency sirens and voice frequencies easy passage. Choose from three levels of decibel reduction by swapping tiny plastic filter tubes inside these soft, dual-flange, hypoallergenic silicone plugs. Comfortable and long-lasting, they come three to a package and include an aluminum storage tube with carabiner. $20 

Oversized Footpegs

Oversized pegs boost comfort and security by providing a larger plat- form and more aggres- sive grip on boot soles. Many have adjustable or replaceable cleats. Fea- tures include swiveling mounts, allowing fore- aft rocking in addition to vertical folding (Pivot), vibration-absorbing inserts (Fasst), or platform extensions (Fastway). Prioritize desired grip level over reduced weight. $65-$270 

Rider’s Workshop

Jim Ford is an accomplished pilot, and brings this unique perspective to mastering the challenging physical aspects of learning to ride competently. Jim guides students in the very personal process of tuning in to “flow,” the mental state in which a person is fully immersed in the moment, with complete focus. $600


The free trip planning app is feature-filled and easy to use, pro- viding mileage, speed, time and clear routing. The Pro subscription offers a 

motorcycling, by directly addressing areas that most riders could stand to improve in, including mental confidence, body positioning, smoothness, throttle control, braking and cornering. Straightforward and entertaining, it’s the perfect cure to winter blues. $25 

Arai Corsair-X

This helmet sets a high bar for safety and style, with a dizzying array of designs. The PB-SNC2 shell pro-vides both superb tensile strength and flexibility characteristics. The VAS Max Vision shield is standard to provide better visibility and a clear Pinlock insert is included.

Alpinestars Toucan Gore-Tex Boots

Comfortable on and off the bike, they offer CE-certified protection, maximum traction and venting that keeps stinky socks at bay. The full-leather boot has a Gore-Tex membrane, making it waterproof. It opens wide for easy access and seals via two slim, aluminum buckles and hook and loop closures. $500 

Moto Talbott

A trip to the Moto Talbott motorcycle museum in Carmel, California, is a gift any enthusiast will love. The collection of about 170 bikes comes from 16 countries. Most are perfectly restored and in working condition. Some are even for sale. There are four main halls, spanning 6,000 square feet. $12 admission

Helite Turtle 2 Vest

Separation of bike and rider pulls a tethered ripcord. A compressed air canister hidden in the front of the vest deploys in a split second, creating a protective, curved “shell” from the base of the helmet to the bottom of the spine. The area is fully immobilized. Hi-Viz Yellow.

Innovv K2 Camera

Waterproof (IP67) dual cameras in machined aluminum housings delivering 1080P at 30fps, Wi-Fi and GPS tagging. Designed to come on automatically when starting the bike, plus a Smart Parking Mode, for security when immobile. Great instructions and easy front and rear installation, discretely hidden to thwart theft and provide the best view. $338

Dunlop Sportmax Roadsmart III Tires

 My tires must be durable enough to survive a 107-mile daily commute, soft enough to handle twisty backroads, and provide stellar grip in all weather conditions. Roadsmart IIIs are the best and longest lasting tire I’ve ever tested, approaching 18,000 miles, and handily beating prior Michelin and Metzeler rubber. $175-$260

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