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Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System Guide

bluetooth communication guide

If you’re excited about having the latest tech, a motorcycle Bluetooth communication system is a must-have device to keep you connected. A communication system is a great idea for anyone going on a long ride or a group trip, even if you’re not sure about the idea of strapping a bunch of technology to your helmet. What is the best helmet Bluetooth system? Learn more about these sleek, lightweight and multi-function devices today and compare leading options to keep you connected and comfortable on the road.

How Does Motorcycle Bluetooth Work?

A Bluetooth communication device is a bit like having a tiny smartphone strapped inside your helmet. Some devices connect with your helmet while others are attached to your ear. They all work by offering you a range of communication and entertainment options while you ride. Here are just a few ways that you can use a Bluetooth system:

  • Sync with your smartphone or GPS for voice-assisted directions
  • Listen to music from your radio or smartphone
  • Make important phone calls without wind interruptions
  • Communicate with fellow riders or a passenger

Because these communication systems are Bluetooth activated, all you need is a smartphone or radio device to connect for a wide range of audio options. A few simple buttons on your communication system allow you to turn the volume up and down or answer a phone call.

As a communication device, you can use most Bluetooth communication devices as a radio with multiple riders. Some devices have a range of 900 meters, while others can reach even farther. Determine your device needs as you shop for one for your group. Some offer two-way radio convenience, while others allow up to four riders to communicate simultaneously.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Bluetooth Communication System?

Have you ever fumbled with your smartphone on the road? Distracted driving in a car is dangerous enough, but on a bike it can be an incredibly dangerous activity. A Bluetooth device gives you hands-free convenience as you rock out to your favorite music or stay on track with turn-by-turn directions.

Some riders love the isolated feeling of going tech-free while on the road. Unfortunately, these are also the same riders who are in the most danger when they get a flat tire, run out of gas or make a wrong turn miles away from civilization. Don’t spend your trip stopping to pull out a map or stressing about your next turn. A Bluetooth device allows you to let your stress go and concentrate on the road.

Ever heard a biker fly by blasting their music? This can be irritating to other riders, drivers and communities that you pass on the road. Your bike is already growling loud enough, so don’t give neighbors more reason to complain. Enjoy clear music without any wind distortion or other interference. Listening to your music on a Bluetooth device lets you confidently listen to whatever you want without judgement from your fellow bikers.

Finally, a Bluetooth device connects to your phone to give you office-like clarity as you take important calls. Don’t let a wild wind or loud traffic sounds get in the way of making an important call while you drive. A speaker in your ear and clear microphone in your helmet allow you to talk to other riders, business partners or your family back home.

What Are the Best Names in Communication Systems?

As you shop for communication systems, you won’t go far until you hear about Sena. This premier brand name is king of Bluetooth motorcycle communication devices. From budget-friendly models to state-of-the-art technology, Sena is typically your best choice.

If you like to root for an underdog and go for a lesser known brand, don’t be afraid to branch out. Scala-Rider, AGV, Bell, Cardo Systems, Garmin and other brands have reliable communication devices as well. Go for Sena for a dependable device, but don’t be afraid to check out a few competitors to see what you’re missing. Scala-Rider in particular offers some serious tech that allows you to comfortably communicate without a bulky, expensive system.

What Are Some Main Features To Look for in a Bluetooth System?

The exact features you want depend on how you plan on using your system. If you just want a basic way to talk to another rider, you probably won’t worry about all the other, expensive features. However, if you’re geeking out over all the tech options available, then here are some exciting features you can expect to see in the latest communication devices:

  • Weather-resistance
  • Audio recording technology
  • Noise cancellation
  • Two-way or more communication
  • Built-in FM radio
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Auto volume adjustment

One of the best examples of these features is the Sena 10s Bluetooth communication system. This best seller uses Bluetooth 4.1 and a 900-meter range to talk to up to four riders at a time. Enjoy clear audio as you ride and a long-lasting, water-resistant design.

For even more high-tech gear, check out the Sena 10C-Pro Bluetooth camera and communication system. Strap a Bluetooth camera on your handlebars and record up to two hours of 1440p quality video. The communication system has a built-in FM radio and can communicate with other riders up to a mile away.

The latest example of what you can expect from a motorcycle Bluetooth system is the Scala-Rider Cardo Q-Solo Bluetooth communication system. This simple, lightweight communicator gives you 10 hours of talk time, has an automatic volume compensator and is fully dust and waterproof. The aerodynamic design stays out of your way and allows you to enjoy your ride without a bunch of wires and microphones in your helmet.

Where Can I Buy a Bluetooth Communication System?

Like other technology devices, Bluetooth communication systems are constantly changing. The best way to keep up with the latest trends is to stay in touch with our team at 2Wheel. Pick one up and discover for yourself, How do bikers communicate? Discuss your trip plans with your buddies or rock out to your favorite band as you blaze new trails and eat up miles on the highway.

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