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Motorcycle Glove Guide for Women

motorcycle gloves for women

As serious motorcycle riders, we understand the importance of wearing the right gear. After all, not only does good gear make you feel and look great on your motorcycle, but it protects your body from damage during an unexpected collision, fall or slide. While a helmet is the cornerstone of any rider’s set of gear, you cannot underestimate the importance of motorcycle gloves.

Whether you ride a cruiser, dirt bike, sport bike, ATV or any other type of machine, you know that wearing the right gloves is essential. Still, not every pair of gloves on the market today is well-suited for you and your riding style. Put simply, you should not have to make a pair of men’s gloves work. Fortunately, if you know where and how to shop, you can find the perfect gloves for you.

Investing in gear requires answering a critical question: Which motorcycle gloves are best for women? Here, we take a comprehensive look at selecting the right riding gloves.

Understanding the Problem With Men’s Gloves

When buying riding gear, it may be tempting to make men’s garments work. This is usually a mistake, though. Not only does men’s riding apparel tend to be larger than women’s gear, but it also fits differently. While ill-fitting gloves may not feel great, they can also be dangerous.

That is, if you have too much fabric at the end of your fingers or in your wrist area, you may not be able to maneuver your motorcycle correctly. Therefore, when shopping for motorcycle gloves, it is important to look for a pair that is specifically designed for women riders.

Determining the Type of Gloves You Need

There are dozens of glove styles available for purchase. Still, not every type of glove is right for every rider. Before looking for your next pair of riding gloves, you should think about what you need your hand gear to accomplish.

If you are a dirt bike racer, for example, you need exterior protection and inside grips. For everyday rides, weather-resistant and flexible gloves usually get the job done.

You can probably easily divide motorcycle gloves into the following five categories:

  • Street gloves
  • Touring gloves
  • Race gloves
  • ADV gloves
  • Dirt gloves

Each type of glove is designed to accomplish a certain set of objectives. Accordingly, you may need to pick up more than one pair of gloves if you ride your bike in vastly different situations. Similarly, if you ride during inclement weather, you likely need a pair of gloves that provides warmth and waterproofing.

Choosing the Right Size

Perhaps with no other piece of riding gear is size more important than it is with gloves. That is, because you use your hands to control your motorcycle, you need gloves that fit impeccably well. After all, there is a reason that the expression “fits like a glove” means precise fitment. If you are wondering how to size & buy motorcycle gloves, you must complete a few steps.

The first step in properly sizing motorcycle gloves is to measure your hands. While this can be a straightforward process, it is also easy to get wrong. To measure your hands correctly, you need a flexible tape. One that works for sewing projects is ideal, but you can also use a string that you can then measure against a ruler or fixed tape measure.

To find your glove size, first measure around the palm of your dominant hand just above your thumb. Also measure the length of your longest finger. Many glove manufacturers use measurements in inches to inform buyers of which size is right for them. On the other hand, you may see gloves ranging in size from extra-small to extra-large.

If the gloves you are thinking about buying use a categorical size approach, compare your measurements to the manufacturer’s size chart to ensure you get a proper fit. Also, look through product reviews to see how actual users perceive the accuracy of the size categories.

Picking a Material

Not only do women’s riding gloves usually come in a variety of sizes, but they also come in a few different materials. While leather gloves are iconic, they may or may not be right for your riding style.

Additionally, you may also want to consider the internal makeup of the gloves you are thinking about ordering. Because you want your new gloves to stay in tip-top shape, you should also think about material cleaning when making your selection.

Meeting Your Needs

If you have never owned a pair of riding gloves before, you may be asking yourself, “What should I look for in motorcycle gloves?” The answer, again, depends on your specific needs. It may be useful to consider the advantages of different types of gloves, though.

For riders with sensitive skin, leather gloves are often better than synthetic ones. Because leather is a natural material, it tends not to chafe skin. Additionally, leather gloves may offer better flexibility than their synthetic counterparts, reducing hand fatigue along the way.

Of course, if your hands fall asleep or become numb due to motorcycle vibrations, cushion on the inside of your gloves is essential. A pair with gel inserts, for example, may give you the cushion you need to ward off the effects of bumpy rides.

Before looking for a new pair of women’s riding gloves, you may want to make an inventory of your needs and wants. The sky is the limit when it comes to modern gloves, so knowing what you want is key. Fortunately, even if you have a strict budget, you can likely find a great pair of gloves that accomplishes most of your objectives.

Finishing the Process

When you are assembling your collection of riding gear, you probably do not want to stop with a helmet and jacket. Put simply, the right riding gloves can immediately improve your motorcycle experience. After you have chosen your new gloves, though, you may want to think about helping other riders find optimal gear for their hands.

Many riders today consult online reviews when purchasing new gear. If you have found a pair of gloves you love, you should consider sharing your experience in a public review. Similarly, if your new gloves fail to meet your expectations, you may want to warn others online. Either way, because you now know how to find the perfect gear for your hands, you are ready to shop.

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