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Top 10 Street Motorcycle Helmets

best motorcycle helmets

Anyone who avidly rides motorcycles should know how important it is to wear a helmet. In many places, the law requires this protection. Regardless, no one should ever hop on the back of a street bike without this piece of essential gear. If you’re in the market for a new one, you probably want to know what is the best street bike helmet? Your search will turn up numerous possibilities, but you want to make sure yours is durable, strong, comfortable and stylish. Before you spend too much time looking in nearby stores or perusing the web, log on to This site has a wide range of motorcycle parts, components and accessories. It also can hook you up with a helmet that you’ll feel good about wearing for ride after ride. Here’s a list of 10 of the most intriguing options, in no particular order.

1. Icon Alliance Dark Helmet

When it comes to protection and looking good at the same time, this helmet fits the mold flawlessly. It will go with just about any other riding gear you’ve got on, and it’s sure to turn heads with its intimidating black color. You won’t get too hot inside this helmet, thanks to its ventilation. Fogging can be a problem with some helmets, but not this one. The Icon Alliance Dark Helmet keeps shield fogging away so you can see the road ahead. You’ll also feel safe wearing this product, as it’s DOT-approved for street riding. You can even remove and wash the interior.

2. Bell Qualifier Solid Helmet

A lot of riders want to know, “How should street bike helmets fit?” The answer can be found with this beauty. You know that Bell makes a quality helmet, and this product is certainly at the top of the pecking order. It’s lightweight and has a personalized fit. Still, its polycarbonate construction assures you that in case you have a collision, it’ll protect your head and face. You can choose one of several sizes, and it also has an easy shield-swap system.

3. Cyber US-39 Solid Motorcycle Helmet

If you’re looking to get the most for your money, this selection may be just right. You won’t pay as much for this helmet as you will for many other counterparts, but this doesn’t mean it won’t do its job well. This model has excellent ventilation exceeds the required safety regulations. If the interior starts getting dirty and smelly, you can easily remove the liner and wash it. It comes in six sizes and has chin and forehead intake.

4. Shoei GT-Air Full Face Helmet

This Shoei product will require a bigger financial commitment, but it’ll stand the test of time. Adverse weather conditions won’t be a match for this well-constructed helmet. It also has an aerodynamic shell to help you cut through the wind. It’s not clunky or bulky, but it will still fend off abrasions from debris and use. The visor will protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, not to mention those annoying glares from the sun.

5. Speed and Strength SS700 Hammer Down Helmet

Another helmet made for a modest budget, this choice comes in a variety of colors and designs. It comes with a removable chin curtain and breath guard. You can also separately purchase a tinted face shield, ideal for daytime use. Speaking of face shields, this feature has an anti-scratch component, which means it can take plenty of abuse. The thermo-poly alloy shell should give you peace of mind every time you start your motorcycle.

6. The GMAX GM54S Modular Motorcycle Helmet

This helmet ranks high when it comes to comfort. Among its top features are the deluxe ear pockets and the soft, padded chin strap. Long rides won’t take their toll as much on your head and face when you have this model. There’s even a red LED light on the back of the helmet as an added safety measure when darkness sets in.

7. Icon Airmada Solid Motorcycle Helmet

Another Icon entry, this version has an injection-molded polycarbonate shell and four different shell sizes. There’s also a fog-free shield with a unique locking system. Even in warm weather, you shouldn’t start to sweat badly, thanks to the fantastic ventilation system. Plus, when you need to remove the shield and exchange it for another one, a fast removal system makes it simple.

8. HJC CL-17 Streamline Helmet

When you start to hit top speeds, does turbulence ever get in the way? If so, this helmet could solve those difficulties. Its aerodynamic shape makes it easier to enjoy cruising without worrying about your head swaying back and forth. The helmet is also lightweight and comfortable. The crown and cheek pads add some additional protection, and they’re removable too. It comes with a front-to-back airflow system, so humidity shouldn’t be a big factor during your rides.

9. Shoei Neotec Modular Helmet

Many motorcyclists swear by this product, and it’s no wonder why. It has everything you would want: durability and toughness, a captivating appearance and unmatched comfort. It weighs less than 4 pounds but maintains a superior safety rating. This helmet has cheek pads, chin strap covers and a liner, which you can remove and wash at your convenience. The improved shell design doesn’t just fit well, but it will help keep out the noise. It even has a built-in sun shield.

10. Bell Revolver Evo Solid Modular Helmet

Last, but definitely not least, this Bell helmet will meet anyone’s expectations. It has many of the same features you’ll find with comparable helmets, along with a five-year warranty. You won’t need a tool to switch face shields. It also comes with a system to regulate the temperature inside the helmet, which you’ll appreciate on hot days. You can remove and wash the interior liner, but this antibacterial material will resist unwanted invaders.

You probably have a lot of questions when you start looking for a new motorcycle helmet. As you review this list, you can determine, “What is the most comfortable motorcycle helmet?” Consider the other features and qualities of these awesome products before you take your next ride.

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