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Honda Monkey Aftermarket Picks – Top 5 Mods

The Honda Monkey has its origin from the minibike. It is powered by a 125cc single-cylinder engine. From its conception in 1960, the short wheelbase and low-seat bike is a thrill that makes the on- and off-road experience one of the most enjoyable rides of a lifetime. But what brings excitement to many is the biking experience and the look of the bike. There are many Honda Monkey aftermarket parts and accessories that will improve the look of the minibike in an instant.

Honda Monkey Aftermarket Parts

There are many advantages to buying aftermarket parts. Some of the benefits include buying the same part at a more affordable price. Some parts can be customized, and the part’s quality often meets the standard established by the original manufacturer. Further, many Honda Monkey aftermarket parts can even add value and muscle to the minibike, so let’s look at the top five.

Yoshimura RS-3 Street Series Works Finish Slip-On Stainless Steel Muffler

One of the most popular Honda Monkey aftermarket parts is the Yoshimura RS-3 Street Series Works Finish slip-on stainless steel muffler. A biker will know the improvements to their riding experience instantly. It provides a burst of power and sounds like a Yoshimura-made product. The RS-3 comes with an aluminum end cap that is included in the design of the straight baffle. The straight baffle offers a compact airflow that produces a strong, raspy sound once the exhaust reaches the end of the muffler.

The stainless steel muffler has an oval-shaped sleeve. The sleeve offers a unique design and truly appeals to the hearts of bikers. It simply looks good on the bike. It brings a high-quality shine and transforms the small motorbike from the 1960s to a modern-day masterpiece.

EBC Double-H Sintered Brake Pads

Brake pads for the Honda Monkey are considered one of the many safe Honda Monkey aftermarket parts. To fully grasp the EBC Double-H sintered brake pads’ value, we must first discuss the sintering manufacturing process. Sintering is a sophisticated process whereby heat and pressure are delicately balanced to fuse metallic particles. The result of the engineering makes the brake pad resistant to friction. Therefore, the sintering process creates a significant amount of versatility with the pad.

The EBC Double-H sintered brake pads provide strong braking regardless of conditions, especially for the off-road experience. Wet and muddy terrain is no challenge for the pads. The brake pads provide more traction to the tire due to their minimal response to traction. Traditionally, the heavier the brake pads are, the more susceptible they are to heat accumulation.

Akrapovic Exhaust Heat Shield

One of the five top Honda Monkey accessories is the Akrapovic exhaust heat shield. The exhaust’s heat shield regulates the heat from causing premature wear to the engine’s assembly components. It is imperative to have the exhaust shield to sustain the longevity of the engine. Shielding the heat allows the engine to produce maximum power and torque. This makes it so the engine remains cool and allows for longer sustained rides.

The Akrapovic exhaust heat shield is considered an important safety feature. It keeps flammables along with other objects from gaining access to many parts of the exhaust system. Akrapovic has designed the shield specific to the Honda Monkey’s manifold, and it has an exceptionally long shelf-life.

Ohlins S36PR1C1L Shock Absorber

Another of the top Honda Monkey accessories is the Ohlins S36PR1C1L shock absorber. The shock absorber is a hydraulic type that absorbs the impact of shock while the Honda Monkey navigates terrain. It provides the biker with more handling and control to allow the bike to sustain itself when encountering uneven land. The Ohlins S36PR1C1L shock absorber takes the energy from the shock and transforms it into a heat-like manner that is quickly dissolved.

The Ohlins S36PR1C1L shock absorber helps the bike’s tires to maintain contact with the ground. Further, the absorption of the shock keeps the minibike intact. Also, the shock absorbers keep the ride’s integrity at a maximum and the riding experience comfortable.

Powerstands Racing Flip Sportbike Footpegs

The Powerstands racing flip sportbike footpegs are a common addition of all Honda Monkey aftermarket parts. The footpegs are an aesthetically pleasing addition to the minibike. They allow the biker to operate the bike with better control, especially at high speeds. The footpegs are made for the Honda Monkey’s make and size. Although all footpegs are not universal, the Powerstands facing flip sportbike footpegs easily fit onto the bike with quick assembly, making it so the biker has improved footing and gripping. There is a set of two pegs in each pack.

Other Aftermarket Parts to Consider

There are a few products in addition to these top Honda Monkey accessories that you should consider. These accessories include the Akrapovic slip-on muffler, the Powerstands racing integrated rear brake reservoir, the Yoshimura sound insert, and the Koso North America high-flow oil pump.

The Akrapovic slip-on muffler will replace the muffler only. However, it will replace just about all parts from the head of the minibike to the end of the exhaust system. It may also improve horsepower, but only slightly.

The Powerstands racing integrated rear brake reservoir is a canister to the rear of the minibike connecting to the brake’s master cylinder. It is designed to dispense the braking fluid when needed to protect the braking system from malfunctioning. The canisters come in a variety of colors.

The Yoshimura sound insert is designed to minimize the amount of noise emitted from the exhaust system. The inserts are attached to the opening of the exhaust system and have a chrome finish.

The Koso North America high-flow oil pump is suitable to produce more oil through the engine. It will improve performance by reducing viscosity. Therefore, the Honda Monkey can maximize its capabilities.

You can shop aftermarket Honda Monkey parts to customize your ride. These are just some of the parts available. There are plenty more to suit all preferences.

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