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Best Aftermarket Parts for KTM RC 390

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The KTM RC 390 is considered to be a pure single-cylinder racing bike that is stripped down to the essentials in order to deliver a no-frills but optimal performance. The stock parts in the KTM RC 390 are completely adequate for this purpose. However, a rider will need to find replacement parts eventually or purchase KTM RC 390 aftermarket parts to customize the bike.

Whatever the reason you need parts for, a replacement or a customization, we have assembled this rundown for you of some of the best KTM RC 390 parts that will have your bike running at peak performance.

Michelin Pilot Power 2CT Tires

The KTM RC 390 comes equipped with tires from Metzeler, which are fantastic tires. However, when it is time to replace the tires on the KTM RC 390 or perform a modification, many riders go for Michelin Pilot Power 2CT tires. As far as KTM RC 390 aftermarket parts go, these tires are tough to beat. What separates these from other tires is that, for starters, the tread on 2CTs are separated into three areas, and two different types of rubber compounds are used to bring you maximum performance.

The tires are designed with high-performance in mind. You can see this with the design details like the tubeless dual-compound radial and softer-than-typical shoulder rubber that provides exceptional cornering grip. Another selling point that puts Michelin Pilot Power 2CT tires on this list of the best KTM RC 390 parts for customization is that they can increase your lean angle ability up to 51.2.

Yuasa Maintenance-Free Battery

What makes the Yuasa maintenance-free battery different is that they are built with an advanced battery design that eliminates water loss. There is no need to ever check the acid level on these batteries or fill them with water once the acid level has been filled. The selling point is in the name, as these batteries are truly maintenance-free, and that makes them a favorite in KTM RC 390 aftermarket parts.

These batteries also stand up well to long-term storage. So even if you are a seasonal rider, you will find that the Yuasa maintenance-free battery is powerful enough to start up for you more reliably after being in storage than other batteries. The battery also holds its specific gravity over three times longer than what you will find with other lead antimony batteries.

EBC Double-H Sintered Brake Pads

When it is time for a brake pad upgrade on your KTM RC 390, we have found EBC Double-H sintered brake pads to be one of the best KTM RC 390 aftermarket parts available. These pads are made to withstand ultra-high friction and provide maximum stopping power.

Reduced backplate bending is achieved by implementing a new double compact vented technology that is optimal for wider pads. Heat transfer into hydraulics is reduced by stainless steel radiator plates. The brake pads are designed to have a noticeably long lifespan.

These details combined put EBC Double-H sintered brake pads on our list of the best KTM RC 390 parts.

Electrosport Industries Stator

An Electrosport Industries stator is worth looking at when exploring customization options for your KTM RC 390. A stator works with a rectifier regulator in order to generate the DC power necessary to operate your motorcycle. The stator that the KTM RC 390 comes equipped with is great, but the Electrosport Industries stator allows for 20% greater output. This gives you more power, potentially being that little edge needed in a race. This is enough for us to put it on our list of best KTM RC 390 aftermarket parts. The Electrosport Industries stator is also triple insulated to provide you with maximum reliability.

HMK Oil Filter

It is just a fact of life that you are going to need to change your oil filter several times throughout the lifecycle of your KTM RC 390. With that being the case, we think you should be able to get a solid match-up of affordability and quality. That puts the HMK oil filter on our rundown of the best KTM RC 390 parts. These are manufactured with the world’s highest quality materials from a company that has been at it for over 95 years. Tests have proven that the HMK oil filter has a 28% longer service life than stock filters and filters of competitors. When compared to OEM filters, HMK also comes out on top in a price comparison.

We hope that this has given you a better idea of the best aftermarket parts available for the KTM RC 390. Keep in mind that these are only a few of the types of aftermarket parts for the KTM RC 390. You can find various other KTM RC 390 accessories to modify your bike.

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