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Winter Motorcycle Gear Buying Guide

winter motorcycle gear

As an avid motorcycle rider, you believe nothing is more exhilarating than getting on your bike, hitting the open road and letting the wind rush through your hair. You love taking in breathtaking sites and cruising effortlessly across highways and off-the-beaten-path streets. Of course, it’s a lot easier to take a ride when Mother Nature cooperates. Clear skies and comfortable temperatures are ideal, but what happens when the calendar turns to winter? Are you going to put the bike in the garage for a few months and put your favorite pastime on hold? You could do this, or you could shop for the best winter gear for motorcycle riding and brave the elements. Rough weather doesn’t have to put an end to your fun. You know your bike can handle the snow and cold, and so can you when you’ve got the right equipment.

Protect Your Hands

When the temperatures fall, your hands and fingers are among the first spots to feel it. You wouldn’t dream of going out in the winter weather and riding without a reliable pair of gloves. Look for a product that won’t only keep your fingers and hands nice and toasty but something you know will stand up to wear and tear this season and beyond. Gloves should be waterproof and resistant to tearing and other damage. You’ll also need something that doesn’t restrict your movement, as you’ll need a full range of motion to ride safely. For additional warmth and comfort, you can even purchase a pair of heated gloves. Battery-powered, these gloves provide temperatures up to 135 degrees. Doesn’t that sound nice when the howling wind and piercing cold is beating down on you?

motorcycle winter gloves
Joe Rocket Snowcross Gloves

Don’t Forget About the Feet

Similar to hands and fingers, your feet and toes will bear the brunt of cold weather before many other body parts. Without the right socks and footwear, these extremities could be downright miserable. Cold weather can even be dangerous for this area of the body if you don’t have quality equipment. Thick wool socks are a must when you ride during the winter. Durable steel-toed boots will keep you warm and withstand blows to your feet.

For the Legs

A pair of jeans won’t cut it during the winter. If you’re wondering what to wear riding in the winter, leg warmers should be at the top of the list. The most appealing warmers should have the following qualities:

  • The material should breathe well and stretch easily.
  • The leg warmers should include special technology with wind-blocking panels.

For convenience, the warmers should be easy to remove and put on too. Over the leg warmers, add a pair of pants. A must for your base layer, the top products keep moisture away from you when the snow and rainfall. Wet skin will cool you down quickly, so make sure your pants are water-resistant. Of course, you also want something breathable so you don’t sweat. Not only should the pants keep water from your skin, but the outside needs to dry quickly. A polyester-spandex mixture is often the most effective material to shop for. Just as critical, this isn’t a part of your gear you want to replace every year. Shop for pants you know are built to last.

Cortech Journey Thermolite Pants


Before you think about what kind of jacket would suit you best, you need to pick a quality shirt for your base layer. A thermal top will work best when the temperatures plummet. This will keep your core warm and protect you from the cutting wind. Good thermal shirts will also fend off sweat. Of course, comfort is also a big deal. Choose a shirt that fits well and that lets you move freely. You should be able to machine-wash your shirt so it’s ready for your next winter outing.

Alpinestars Ride Tech Summer Tech Layer Tops

Top Layer

Many riders consider the right jacket to the most important part of the wardrobe during the winter. There are numerous products to choose from. Not only should you have your pick of size and color, but there are plenty of intriguing features as well. A water-resistant jacket is non-negotiable. You need something you can depend on during the heaviest snowfalls and most treacherous rainstorms. Your jacket should complement your inner layers but not make it difficult to turn or twist. You need to have free movement at the shoulders and waist to drive safely. At the same time, the jacket needs to be durable and made from the highest-quality material and with excellent stitching. The jacket should have extra padding for protection, and it shouldn’t be a pain to put on and take off. For the coldest weather, you can even shop for heated products that can get the temperatures above 130 degrees. It’s also nice to find a jacket with pockets and back panels that allow airflow.

Face Protection 

Schampa Single Layer Neck Gaiter

Winter riding isn’t complete without something to keep your face warm. When you’re riding at high speeds during heavy winds, that cold air can do a number on your cheeks and nose. You can do something about this when you purchase an open-face balaclava. This product is a must for motorcycle riding in cold weather. It won’t block your vision or make it difficult for you to turn your head. Yet, the best products have heavy-duty material that you know will withstand frigid gusts of wind. Thanks to moisture-wicking material, rain and snow will be no match for you. Balaclavas as so comfortable and useful that you can keep it on even when temperatures warm up.

Riding in the winter does present different challenges. You need to pay a lot more attention to safety issues, but your comfort is also at stake. Instead of shutting down your bike for the season, equip yourself with heated motorcycle gear and other products to help you cope with the cold, wind, rain and snow. You can continue to experience the same thrills and joys of motorcycle riding all year long. Pick up your winter gear today and stay on the roads no matter what comes your way.

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