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Women’s Motorcycle Pant Guide

Women's Motorcycle Pant Buying Guide

There is an ever-growing community of female motorcyclists, which speaks to the changing stereotypes and biases. However, while views may be changing in terms of gender inclusiveness, the ideas of safety and education are still somewhat lacking, which is why you still see many riders out and about wearing t-shirts and shorts.

While confidence is excellent for riding, it is possible to be too confident or cocky about your abilities. Accidents happen, and the risks to motorcyclists are higher than other drivers. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase helmets and clothing specific for riding. Also, you should ask questions like, How should women’s motorcycle pants fit? What materials are the most durable?

Motorcycle pants are an essential piece of your safety gear. However, it is necessary to understand how motorcycle pants differ from regular pants. Also, did you know there are different styles for different sports and objectives? This guide is designed to help you understand the purpose of motorcycle pants and the materials and styles that offer the most potential for the safety of your ride.

How Motorcycle Pants Differ

The construction of regular pants will not hold up to the skidding and abrasions experienced in even a minor bike accident. Motorcycle pants require unique construction methods to ensure that the stitching and seams remain intact even during an accident.

While the materials of women’s motorcycle pants may seem similar, there are significant differences in the weight and durability of the textiles or leather used. Also, some materials used for protective clothing are weatherproof and heat resistant to ensure the longevity of the item.

Understanding Style and Purpose

When you go out to purchase a new pair of regular jeans or slacks, what are you thinking about? What is your greatest concern? For most women, and anyone for that matter, fit and comfort rank high on the list of quality essential for purchase. While fit and comfort level is also important to select an appropriate motorcycle pant, it is also crucial to understand the purpose of the pants. There are at least five styles of motorcycle pants designed for distinct purposes.


Dedicated motorcycle pants are made for one purpose: to ride. This style is typically made of leather construction; although, some heavier textiles may be used as well. Hip and knee armor are usually incorporated in the design, as are memory foam inserts for impact absorption. Most dedicated pants will also have stretch panels for an adjustable fit.


Commuter pants are considered a compromise in style and safety. While these jeans do not offer the same level of protection as dedicated motorcycle pants, they still provide more protection than regular pants. Typically made of 12 oz. Or heavier denim, the jeans are layered with other abrasion-resistant materials, such as Kevlar, which helps to reinforce the strength of the material, especially when reinforced in the knees, hips and seat.


Overpants are an excellent option for those who ride their bike to work, school or other places where dedicated pants aren’t appropriate. These pants are typically looser fitting, but the fit is adjustable to ensure optimal protection. Also, this style is often weather or waterproof, ensuring your clothing stays dry. Beyond adjustability and weatherproofing, these pants also include reinforced knees, hip and seat areas.


Touring/Adventure pants are made to protect you from crashes and adverse weather conditions. Also, this style is made to be worn in varying climates because of the riding style assigned to them. Therefore, you will find these pants have abrasion protection and weatherproof materials. However, you will also see that these pants have vents and removable thermal panels.


MX/Off-road pants do not offer as much protection as other motorcycle pants. However, the reason for limited integrated protections is that the sport requires heavy-duty padding, making ventilation and lightweight pants essential. 

Getting the Best Fit

What are the best motorcycle riding jeans? Unfortunately, there is no one right answer to this question because everyone has a different riding style, which will help to dictate and narrow down your selection. However, a better question is, how do you find the right fit for your chosen pair? Thankfully, that is a question with a more straightforward answer.

Motorcycle pants, whether jeans or leathers, should fit snugly, not loose. Loose pants result in less protection from abrasions and injuries. If pants are able to move freely, then the embedded padding will probably not rest where it is meant to, and the legs may ride up, exposing your flesh.

To ensure that you are purchasing the right size, do not go by other pants or jeans in your closet. Instead, measure your waist and inseam. When measuring your waist, measure from below your belly button. When doing your inseam, measure from your heel to the highest point of your crotch. These measurements should help you find pants in the right size.

Textile or Leather

Now that you have the right measurements for your pants, what material should you be looking for? Again, the style of your pants will depend on your riding style. However, in general, leather is the most reliable and most durable material in terms of protection, and denim is the least effective. However, that is not to say that denim never works.

When you know you’ll be riding in low-speed zones with minimal risks for accidents, then choosing a denim commuter pant may work well. However, having more durable overpants or dedicated motorcycle pants will likely always be more effective in terms of safety.

What do you wear to ride a motorcycle? Are you the type of rider who wears regular jeans or even shorts? If so, it is strongly recommended that you find something more protective. Riding without the proper attire only increases your risks of injury.

Therefore, consider seeking out further advice about styles and materials. Also, look to your favorite retailer of motorcycle gear for options. Perhaps order a few pairs of pants and try them on to see which work best for you. Whatever you choose, stay safe, and stay protected.

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